Mark your calendars and join us for a day out just shopping and hanging out with your friends. Stay tuned for a list of vendors….

On behalf of the Huntington Beach High School Foundation, we would like to thank you for supporting the Masquerade Ball this year!  You all made a difference in our fundraising efforts!

Your donation has helped raise approximately $25,000 for the HBHS Foundation’s mission of inspiring and promoting excellence for all students through enhanced educational opportunities in the arts, athletics and academics.

Some examples of recently approved projects we are able to fund because of your generous donation include: outdoor benches and tables for the students to use on campus,  student field trips, a digital sculpture and painting program for art students, tools and supplies for STEM Robotics projects, grow lights for science projects, grass volleyball courts for students, support of campus wide Bridges Program, a program for students that advocates for a safe, inclusive climate on campus that is respectful of diversity, and support of Link Crew, a staff and student led-program that ensures a smooth transition for HBHS Freshmen.

We appreciate you  for being a champion for HBHS, the HBHS Foundation, and all the students.

The HBHS Foundation is a volunteer, nonprofit fundraising entity comprised of parents, teachers, administration, alumni, and business and community representatives.

Thank you again for your generosity and Go Oilers!


Gretchen Torres-Baumgartner

President – HBHS Foundation


And a very Special Thank you to our generous Bronze Sponsors:

Our Mission

The HBHS Foundation was established in 1995. The mission, then and now, is to inspire and promote excellence for all students at Huntington Beach High School through enhanced educational opportunities in the arts, academics, and athletics.


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The HBHS Foundation is proud to support Athletics excellence at Huntington Beach High School.


The HBHS Foundation is committed to providing 21st century tools for all students and teachers.

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