The HBHS Foundation is committed to helping augment and elevate the educational experience for ALL students at Huntington Beach High School

Student Agency

Committed to helping ALL students realize their potential by helping provide necessary tools and state-of-the-art equipment and programs.

Teacher Empowerment

Partnering with our teachers and staff to help them realize the highest level of education in their specialty area by providing tangible support.

Parent Invovement

Welcoming parents and families to join our team in myriad ways that will help EVERY student succeed.

Community Partnerships

Looking to involve all levels of community businesses and representatives to strengthen relationships between youth + adults and the school + neighborhood.

Our Mission

The HBHS Foundation was established in 1995. The mission, then and now, is to inspire and promote excellence for all students at Huntington Beach High School through enhanced educational opportunities in the arts, academics, and athletics.